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Are you stressed out about your house? Not sure where to turn, or what to do?

 If it is is facing foreclosure there are many options available, and we are here to help at BMW Properties.

We know how stressful this situation can be, after all a few of us here have bee there, and have been through the ordeal of foreclosure.

  We know how that feeling of hopelessness, and loneliness can be.

In fact you make very well feel like walking away, and just leaving the house to go back to the bank.

That is certainly an option, but may not be the best.


Ok so let us get this disclaimer out of the way, we are not attorneys, so this is not legal advice.

How ever we have  helped people AVOID foreclosure Greenwood. 

We are here to share our knowledge with you, in hopes to educate you more, so you can make a more educated decision on your situation, and to help you find which path works best for you!

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We be happy to work with you, after you do.

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By Calling 765 419-9378


Again we will be glade to assist, and provide you with a free report when you in in contact with us. To  hopefully to provide with more answers,and provide you with more solutions to avoid foreclosure Greenwood.


Help Avoid Foreclosure Greenwood


We want to state again we are NOT realtors, or legal counsel, and advise you to seek legal counsel in regards to the legal proceedings.

How ever, we have been through and helped many people to avoid foreclosure Greenwood!

We have been in the business for close to a decade as investors now, and have helped many people.


We under stand it can be over whelming to the point of  driving yourself crazy, or worse yet just shutting down, You maybe tempted to just walk away and let the bank have it.

That is certainly one option! How ever, there are other options available, and you maybe wondering what they are to avoid foreclosure.


Some may tell you short sale!

That too is an option, How ever just from our experience we would say the, ” walk away” and the “short sale” we would save for the very  last restore


Banks have been known to come back and take you to court for the remainder of the balance in a short sale.


Even if the house goes back to the bank, and it goes to sheriff sale.


You may ask what are you saying?

Let’s us this for an example! Say you owe a hundred thousand dollars on the house, for example, and they sell it at action, or it short sales for Fifty Thousand, for example, they can, and in some cases still will come after you in the court of law for the other fifty thousand.

This can cause troubles on your credit for years to come, thus causing problems, in investing, getting another job, owning an automobile, the list goes on.


How ever there is other options available to avoid foreclosure Greenwood !


Ways to Avoid foreclosure Greenwood

You already know about simply walking away, short sale, and the possible negative impact it may have on your credit, and your life.


Let us introduce you now to some more options:

  • You can SELL your house YOURSELF.

A lot of people do not have the time to, nor the understanding to sell it on their own with their families, jobs, etc.

You have to have buyers that are serious about buying.

Which means:

  • Having open houses
  • Returning calls
  • Getting offers
  • Dealing with banks, and paper work

Some folks just do not have the time to do that with the holidays coming up, families, their jobs, and just life in general.

You could also then LIST it with a realtor.

Then you have to sit an wait for a Realtor to find the buyers, and that could takes months, or years, that you may or may  not have the time for.


Here at BMW Properties we specialize in finding solutions for your particular real estate needs, we buy and sell properties, work with buyers, sellers, and investors in real estate to create a WIN WIN solution for your needs.

Often times we can get you the FULL APPRAISED VALUE or the FAV, or near it, this in turns saves your credit, and possible problems in owning a home in the future, along with many other things.


Give us a call at 765 419-9378, fill in our form at the top right of this page, or E-Mail us!

Calling 765 419-WEST (9378) or leaving your info at the top right of this page is the fastest!


We can have a solution for you today!


We can also help you into a new home, if you need. Just give us a call today for a solution today 765 419-9378 ! 


For more information about how foreclosure process works, check this site out for more on the legal side of Foreclosure Process in Indiana.


For more information regarding stopping foreclosure check out HUD!




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