Haveing a bad life? Maybe this can help!

New beginings

Are you having a bad life?

Just remember one word, “fertilizer”

You may ask what that has to do with life, and you and all that.

I will explain here in a moment.

but first let me ask you this question, Have you ever planted flowers? Or a Garden?

If you have you know you must dig a hole, cover the seeds with dirt, water and fertilize them!

This helps the plants grow big and strong!


Just as life may rain down on you, and you think  you are in manure, just remember manure helps things grow! With out water or the stinky stuff nothing would grow!  So when you think something is pushing you down, or holding you back, it maybe actually pushing you up and help you grow! Just as when you plant the plants, just remember the stink is a short term thing, and there are nutrients in that their stinky stuff!

Along with that you need sunshine, and the occasional weeds pulled! so you can grow we

via WOW Check This out:.

via WOW Check This out:.